Another baby bird…

Over the last few weeks I have noticed the Superb Fairy-Wrens being very active and noisy around the yard. They are beautiful, dainty little birds that are a pleasure to have around. They are quite the acrobat too, I’ve seen them snatch insects mid-air as they dart here and there.

I kept thinking I should look around the place a bit closer as I thought they must be nesting somewhere but never got around to it. I have heaps of shrubs that make good hiding places and a nest could be anywhere.

Today I wandered around the corner of the house to find a pair of fairy-wrens darting all over the place and appearing quite agitated at my presence. Looking closer I saw a little one in the garden fluttering around.

The baby Superb Fairy-Wren (it was hard to focus on him as he kept moving in amongst the bush)

This guy must have just left the nest because as I watched, he got himself coordinated and managed to fly a short distance. By the time I got my camera, he was up in a tree.

I found the nest in a nearby azalea. It was a fully enclosed and deep nest for such little birds. I couldn’t see any evidence of other young ones so maybe this one is an only child.

The nest in an azalea

Dad is a pretty bird with his bright blue colouring. They never stay still so it was hard getting a photo of him.


Although Mum has plain brown colouring (with red colouring around her eye), they are such petite birds that I find are just as attractive as the males. I couldn’t get a good photo of her as she was even more active than Dad.

Mum (not the best angle and out of focus)

I will have to keep my eyes open as I’m sure there must be other nesting pairs in the garden.

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