I think Sunday mornings are meant to be spent out in the garden. I should have been mowing the lawn but I kept getting sidetracked, pulling a weed here, trimming a branch there and just wandering.I noticed that if you take a close up view of some flowers, you get […]

Over the last few weeks I have noticed the Superb Fairy-Wrens being very active and noisy around the yard. They are beautiful, dainty little birds that are a pleasure to have around. They are quite the acrobat too, I’ve seen them snatch insects mid-air as they dart here and there.I […]

We have recently had the pleasure of watching a pair of willy wagtails raise three chicks in our front yard. Here is their story… Oct 14 I had noticed willy wagtails collecting cobwebs and threads from around the garden. Then I discovered why; they were building a nest on a rafter […]