Bush Walk 4 2013: Mt Edwards (Moogerah Peaks NP)

Mt Edwards as seen from the Lake Moogerah barbeque area

We had another mid-week walk planned for today however we were a little apprehensive as the forecast was for showers. After a wet day yesterday and waking to overcast conditions today, I was sure we would need our rain coats. Nevertheless we were looking forward to the walk and often it is quite pleasant walking in damp conditions. So we climbed Mount Edwards in the Moogerah Peaks National Park with Teresa of Horizon Guides as planned.

Teresa’s description of the walk is:

Mt Edwards (Moogerah Peaks NP) Approx 4 hrs return Moderate
Date: Wednesday 29 May 2013
Description: The trail begins at the Moogerah Dam wall. This little peak has some great viewpoints and the effort of the continuous moderate climb rewards the hiker with terrific views over the Fassifern’s farmland and to the Main Range beyond. The forest is open eucalypt and usually there is plenty of birdlife and wildflowers. After a relaxed time on the summit we return by the same trail, losing elevation all the way.

The route overlaid on Google Maps

We parked at the barbeque area at Lake Moogerah before setting off on our walk. The walk commenced by crossing the dam wall to the national park. From here on it was a rough bush track all the way to the summit.

This fellow greeted us as we started.
Mt Greville across the lake
It was a leisurely walk. We stopped often to take in views or other things of interest.

As we crossed the wall, the clouds broke up and the sun came out. We ended up having a glorious day for the walk. It was actually quite hot lower down on the mountain but as we climbed we were in a pleasant breeze that kept us cool.

The climb up the mountain was quite steep and I thought strenuous. We stopped often to look at orchids, birds and butterflies. Of course the changing bush and rock formations were worth a pause to take it all in.

The Nodding Greenhood Orchids aren’t in focus but there is a real garden happening here
This rock shelf was an interesting place.
We saw a number of butterflies
Moss growing on the rocks
The fruit on this vine was very colourful. It was quite common on the walk.
Helmet or Fairy Lantern Orchid (Corybas barbarae)
There was always something interesting to stop for.
Some moss growing in the shelter of a log.
This lovely area was just below the summit
Fungi growing on a log
And here we are – the summit!

We made the summit where we had lunch and a cup of tea before taking in the views. It was still reasonably cloudy so we didn’t have clear views but it was still spectacular.

That’s the township of Aratula down there
Farmland down below
Mount French in the background
Looking down on the rock cliffs
You wonder how those rocks stay there. They are stacked one on top of the other. That’s Reynolds Creek to the left of the photo.
Here I am with my wife Maree at the summit.
The survey marker at the summit
This marker was a couple of metres from the survey marker at the summit. It seems to read QTS1973 with a D symbol.  We were wondering whether the 1973 was the altitude in feet.
Looking across the cliff at the summit

We left the summit and made our way down. We felt different muscles as we descended. It was a much quicker return although we stopped for a while on a rock shelf that offered views of Reynolds Creek and Little Mount Edwards.

Walking back down
There were many types of birds to see like this little fellow.
Wombat berries
Lake Moogerah as seen on the way down
Little Mount Edwards across Reynolds Creek
Just the dam wall to cross to reach the end of our walk.
A chart showing the elevation of the walk from my GPS data

Mount Edwards is one of the handiest peaks in the district however I had never climbed it before. I had been meaning to for some time but hadn’t got around to it. But now it is another peak crossed off my list. I think it is one to do again one day.

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