Bush Walk 6: Hole in the Wall (Main Range NP – Goomburra Section)

Well, as usual I have spent the last fortnight waiting for today to come along. Today we went to look at a hole. But not any old hole, this was a hole in the wall. This is what we were expecting from Teresa’s  description (Horizon Guides):

Walk 6: Hole in the Wall (Main Range NP – Goomburra Section) Approx. 7km return 5 – 6hrs. Moderate – Challenging.Date: Sunday 20th MayDescription: This is a moderately challenging off-track walk to an unusual feature east of Sylvester’s Lookout on the ridge leading to Mt Castle. Beginning in rainforest near the lookout, the route is steep and rocky underfoot at first, winding along the ridge. The trail passes by Laidley Creek campsite and the falls before a narrow trail beneath the cliff-line leads to the Hole in the Wall.This walk affords great views and has plenty of variety. There will be an early start due to the long drive to Goomburra on the western side of the Main Range.

We all gathered at Aratula at 7:00am ready to travel to our trail head. This walk involved a fair bit of travel even though is is not far from our previous walks as the crow flies. As shown on the map below, we travelled two thirds of the way to Warwick before doubling back to the Goombera section of the Main Range National Park. We arrived and started walking at around 8:45am.

About 500m in we came to Sylvester’s Lookout. The track to this point was easy and well maintained. The lookout afforded views to the eastern side of the range and across to Lake Moogerah and the Moogerah Peaks.
View from Sylvester’s Lookout
That’s Lake Moogerah over there…
From here the track changed dramatically. It was defined as there had been previous walkers through there but it was quite rough going in places.
Birds Nest Fern
Some of the lichen was amazing
We then went to Old Sylvester’s Lookout. This was a small area with sheer drops so smaller groups of four or five of us took in the view in turn.
View of the range to the south from Old Sylvester’s Lookout
Then it was more bush bashing as we headed north.
Disappearing into the undergrowth
Is this it? Nah,, that’s just a hole in the tree…
The scenery kept changing.
This is where we stopped for morning tea. The scent from the rmint bushes was lovely.
We came to the Laidley Creek camp site where I reckon you could just fit two tents when Teresa said she had something good to show us. After about 50m through the bush we were treated to these views.
Mt Castle
Boar’s Head
The valley with Laidley Creek at its base. You can see the farmland of the Lockyer Valley in the distance.
As we had to skirt around the base of the cliffs we were standing above, we had to walk back and head down. This last bit was the most challenging part of the walk.
The Giant Spear Lilies in this small area were already sending out their flower spikes – well in advance of the others along the range.
Going down…
Laidley Creek Falls
It was spectacular country to walk in.
We walked along the base of the cliffs. When we came to the Laidley Creek Falls, we hugged close to the cliff but we still got slightly damp from the sprinkle of water falling from above. This part of the walk was very warm as the heat from the sun was radiating from the rock walls back onto us.
Then as we were walking, Teresa casually pointed up and there we were – at our destination. We’d arrived!
Here we all are at the Hole in the Wall
We all clambered up and peered through the hole. It was a sheer drop on the other side but the view was amazing. The cool breeze rushing through the hole was great as we were slowly cooking from the heat in the rocks. 
This is where we stopped for lunch. Once again Teresa boiled the billy. A hot cup of tea was definitely in order. There was a visitor’s book stashed in a PVC cylinder under the hole so we leafed through it and then added our names. There was also an old pair of binoculars left there.
When it was time to start heading back, I climbed up for one last look and found this little guy hiding behind the cylinder.
Can you see the lizard? Click on the photo for a better view.
The view from the Hole in the Wall.
A little succulent growing on the rock face.
We then retraced our steps back to the where we started from. Walking under the falls was welcome this time as we needed to cool down. I found the return trip to be much more strenuous as we had some steep uphill sections to negotiate. My legs were complaining before too long.
But it wasn’t long before we were back in the cool rainforest and then we were back at the cars.
Back at the cars and the end of the walk.
We got back at around 2:30pm. From here we had the long drive back to Aratula before we all went our own way. 
Yes, it was another successful and enjoyable day. Now I can start looking forward to the next walk – in just fourteen days……. 🙂

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