Personal Weather Station

Boonah, Queensland, Australia

04/12/22 07:35:00 AEST

Location: Latitude: 28° 00.00' S
Longitude: 152° 40.20' E
Altitude: 116 metres
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Coloured lines overlayed to indicate Web Cam view.
(Image courtesy of the Australian Bureau of Meteorology)

Storm Tracker
Storm Tracker

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Aerological Diagram (Brisbane AP)
Aerological Diagram

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Current Conditions
My Personal Weather Station
Out Temp (24hr Diff) / Dewpoint: 20.1°C (-0.2°C) / 14.4°C
Hi/Lo Outside Temp: 20.3°C / 15.0°C
Apparent Temp (24hr Diff): 20.4°C (-0.1°C)
Hi/Lo Apparent Temp: 20.6°C / 15.7°C
Inside Temp: 21.4°C
Hi/Lo Inside Temp 22.1°C / 21.1°C
Humidity (24hr Diff): 70% (2%)
Barometer / Trend (3 hours): 1015.1 hPa / 1.0 hPa
Today's Rain / Rate: 0.0 mm / 0.0 mm/hr
Wind: 6 km/h from 179° (S)
High Wind: 17 km/h from 168° at 06:51:04
UV Index: 1.6
My Water Tank Status
Percent Full: 100% Capacity Left: 22500L Full Capacity: 22500L
Today's Almanac
Start civil twilight: 04:17:51
Sunrise: 04:44:43
Transit: 11:39:18
Sunset: 18:34:06
End civil twilight: 19:01:01
Azimuth: 98.6°
Altitude: 35.0°
Right ascension: 250.2°
Declination: -22.2°
Solstice: 22/12/22 07:47:58
Equinox: 21/03/23 07:24:13
Rise: 14:56:46
Transit: 20:48:06
Set: 02:02:04
Azimuth: 211.4°
Altitude: -66.4°
Right ascension: 21.3°
Declination: 7.3°
Previous phase:
(First quarter)
01/12/22 00:36:28
Full moon: 08/12/22 14:08:07
Last quarter: 16/12/22 18:56:01
New moon: 23/12/22 20:16:49
First quarter: 30/12/22 11:20:28
Phase: Waxing gibbous
(83% full)

All times are AEST GMT+1000

About this weather station

My weather station is located in the rural town of Boonah in the SE corner of Queensland, Australia. The climate here would probably be described as subtropical although it verges on warm temperate as we have a few light frosts in winter. Our rainfall is mainly summer dominant.

My station is a PanTech Wifi Weather Station TFT LCD Wireless Professional PT-HP2550 which is a Fine Offset clone. I upload data from it to this page at intervals of 10 minutes, 24 hours a day.

I use a Raspberry Pi 2 Model B with the Raspberry Pi OS Lite distro and running WeeWX python software to process and upload the weather station data. I use the Interceptor driver to intercept the data from the weather station and pass it to WeeWX.

Weewx uptime: 9 days, 9 hours, 36 minutes
Server uptime: 9 days, 9 hours, 34 minutes
weewx v4.8.0

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